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Ben Quilter

Paralympic GB
London 2012 Paralympic Medalist

Gemma Gibbons

Team GB
London 2012 Silver Medalist

Ben Quilter

Team GB
London 2012 Olympian

Why Judo?

Judo will help make you quick, strong and flexible. It's tactical, strategic and empowers you to look after yourself. You'll improve your co-ordination, balance and self-confidence.

What is the Yellow Belt Challenge?

You can sign up to the Yellow Belt Challenge for FREE right now and within days you will receive your very own Yellow Belt Challenge pack in the post. This pack will tell you all you need to do to beat your challenge, and will also invite you to attend your local judo club which is where your challenge will start.

The Details

Everybody who starts judo begins as a white belt. By learning throws and hold-downs, you progress to red and then onto yellow belt. If you want to continue to learn Judo you could even go on to achieve the coveted black belt.

What do our judokas think?

"Beating the Yellow Belt Challenge made me feel like I could do anything"
"It helped me focus on what I want to achieve."
"My judo coach taught me how to throw someone twice my size!"
"I’ve been doing judo for six months and am now a yellow belt and I even won a gold medal at the London Youth Games."

I'm in! What do I need to do?

You can sign up right here online and we'll post your FREE Yellow Belt Challenge pack out to you straight away.

Would you like to register as a Fighting Chance judo club ?

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